Hello, and welcome to my little piece of internet land space. We all have journeys to make – mine just happens to have revolved around writing and travelling. This book is my true story of being an expat caught up in the extraordinary realities of life in Russia, and the bittersweet search for my Russian Bride...

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The inspiration for my book came from the adrenaline of discovery. For me, that was never more intense than the time I spent in Russia. Five years working for the Kremlin-funded Russia Today TV station in Moscow. An experience of life and love that I'd like to share with you...


“I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it’s a revealing insight into life in Russia… and a fascinating tale of his experiences” ~ Fred Dinenage, official biographer to the best-selling Kray twins book “Our Story.”

“A humorous, dangerous, and heartfelt journey – a truly great read” ~ Colette Cooney, Lecturer in Broadcast Journalism MA at City University, London.

The Madness of Moscow

Moscow – the city of mail order Russian Brides, endless winters, and rivers of vodka. Or is it? Follow one man’s extraordinary real-life journey through the harsh and absurd realities of existence as a British expat in a metropolis so alien, it could be on another planet. Award-winning journalist Cary Johnston reveals the true story of his life in Moscow, uncovering what the Russians really think of us in the West, while exploring the humorous and surprising truth about relationships between Western men and Russian women.

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About Cary

Cary Johnston was born and raised in London, and has Jamaican heritage. He first made his mark as a reporter at The Voice newspaper and the ITV News channel, before moving to the BBC and subsequently anchoring the morning show for the Russia Today TV news network in Moscow. He was the winner of the first Royal Television Society's Young Journalist of the Year award, dedicated to the memory of John Schofield, a journalist killed whilst covering the conflict in the former Yugoslavia. Cary was also a finalist in the Russian TEFI journalism awards. He currently lives in the UK, though still visits Spain – a country and culture he has a great fondness for, and which is a little bit warmer than Moscow.


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